On the Landscape of Youth Participation in Science Policy

Richard D. SungPhD candidate, KAIST Graduate School of Science and Technology Policydhsung91@kaist.ac.kr Shashank AgarwalPhD candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge USAssnk_agl@mit.edu Introduction Today, science plays a vital role in ensuring that public policies promote the wellbeing and sustainable development of a society. Science not only establishes the epistemic accountability of policy decisions but also provides... Continue Reading →

The History and Present of Youth in Climate Action

Saher Rashid BaigGlobal Youth Advocate for Climate, Ocean, Gender and Human Rights, Constituent of YOUNGO, UNFCCCsaher.baig@unmgcy.org The History of Climate Action and Youth In 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit, the Youth and Children were finally recognized in Agenda 21 as one of the Major Groups. The active participation of Youth and Children in the... Continue Reading →

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